Hidden treasure candles prizes and awards

Hidden treasure candles prizes and awards

Each candle has an X that marks the spot of a hidden treasure inside each candle hence Hidden Treasure Candles. The treasure you will find inside each. Online shopping for Hidden Treasure Soy Candles at curry2shoes.info Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards · curry2shoes.info Store Card · curry2shoes.info candles with hidden prizes from 10 to how lucky do you feel buy a candle and see what ring you get every candle is a winner | See more ideas about Prize .

Hidden treasure candles prizes and awards -

This high quality wax allows for more fragrance to be added which makes these candles fill a room with a delightful scent every time they are burnt The premium wax used in these candles allows them to burn slowly with consistent fragrance release right through to the last burn. Candles with hidden prizes are fun to give as gifts or purchase for your own use. This makes Treasury candles burn with a slow, steady flame and exceptional fragrance release so that you will always have a room filled with beautiful scent every time you light your Treasury of Candles candle.

These beautiful ribbons and bows have been designed to complement each fragrance. Below is the gold plated necklace with the stunning charm. The treasure you will find inside each candle is either a gold plated or silver plated necklace! Every candle is carefully hand-crafted in New Zealand and are a fabulous gift that will be always be treasured, or a totally indulgent gift to yourself.

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Every candle is carefully hand-crafted in New Zealand and are a fabulous gift that will be always be treasured, or a totally indulgent gift to yourself. Quality in our fragrances. It works like this: I used to love burning candles a lot before I had children. Please feel free to check out their website Hidden Treasure Candles for more info and and find what other scents they sell.

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Hidden Treasure Candles Review with a Prize in Each Candle!!! | Thrifty Momma Ramblings

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